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           Home » Products » Fuel Pump for Race Car » Performance GSS169 Fuel Pump for Tunning Cars

          Performance GSS169 Fuel Pump for Tunning Cars

          Part Number: GSS169
          Type: Universal Intank Fuel Pump
          Horsepower: 500HP+
          Fuel: Gas
          Flow Rate: 255LPH...

          online service


          Email: crdt17@credit-parts.com

          Skype: creditparts28

          WhatsApp: +86 13587969770

          Fax: +86-577-88699096


          This is a F20000169 OEM replacement fuel pump for most of cars, direct fit. 

          This is an aftermarket high quality parts, not Genuine. 

          It's same dimension and performance as Bosch 38mm Fuel Pump. 

          100% Brand New Electric GSS169 255LPH fuel pump & Install kit.

          Main Market: North America, South America, Western Europe, South-East Asia, etc.

          We offer one year warranty for this pump. 


          Pushing a whopping 255 liters of fuel per hour at high pressure

          ISO9001 certified.

          Customization color and package can be approved.

          Supports up to 650 horse power

          A universal in-tank fuel pump for the extreme automotive enthusiast

          High Pressure, High Performance

          Fuel Pump Dimensions:

          5" Long from inlet tip to outlet tip

          3 1/8" Long for the metal case

          1 1/2" Wide for the metal case

          Offset Inlet width: 3/4"

          Outlet width: 5/16"

          Welcome to our website! Please send your words at any time in the following form and ask us, we will contact you and provide you with the corresponding service as soon as possible. Please write in English.

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